Rail-Road ROBOT

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Rail-Road ROBOT

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From Track To Road And Back

optimal solution for the light shunting operation up to 300 tons. It is radio-controlled and can change quickly and easily from track to road – or directly to the power outlet. Because it has a battery powered electric drive, the shunting of wagons in outdoor and also closed storage and production areas is possible.

Track guide rollers are hydraulically lowered for rail travel. The hydraulic system ensures that the track guide units automatically readjust and compensate for each other. The steering can be hydraulically locked for required stability on the rail. Solid rubber tires ensure optimum traction, additionally supported by the high selfweight of 4.5 tons.

Due to its high maneuverability because of a smart steering concept, the intelligent drive technology and the optimum traction, the road-rail robot is easy and safe to use in all maneuvering operations. Also, a one-man operation: By means of the joystick remote control with high coverage it is intuitively navigated and accurate to the millimeter. A
novel color design makes the VLEX particularly easy to control.

Various coupling systems, battery packs and ample extra and safety equipment are available to tailor the road-rail robot to your requirements.