Pre-heating Systems

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Pre-heating Systems

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To heat or air condition a parked train before operation

Single Cabinet
This solution is used for d.c. systems 3000 V - 1500 V 750 V.
The cabinet is designed for installation outdoors in confined spaces, and therefore suitable for installation between tracks. The REC equipment is designed to protect the power supply in the event of a short circuit. Use by the operator is both simple and completely safe.

Mobile Units
Custom solutions on vans or vehicles designed to supply power to parked convoys
The converters are powered by a diesel generator.

Centralized Installation

Where power supply is required to multiple tracks, centralized solutions are available, i.e. cabinets with the function of protection and disconnection to supply power to multiple sockets located at various tracks. This solution can be used for each power supply system, whether a.c. or d.c.