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Vertical Lathe Machines

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Roughing operations
Thanks to experience and the aid of modern calculation supports (FEM), SIRMU-mt Railway Equipment (SRE) developed an extremely stiff structure, pretensioned linear roller bearings, free from backlash. Hydrostatically-fed linear guideways or roller pads linear ones ensure the goal of reaching reduced production time, drastically shorten the extraordinary maintenance and guarantee a high-production rate as well as a life-long reliability.

Finishing Turning and Drilling Operation

Direct drive spindle motorization realized
by torque motor with integrated “C” axis. Head with “B” axis.
This machine has the potential to carry out high-quality finishing machining as well as drilling operations, oil injection holes included.

Solutions for railway wheel maintenance shop

SRE production range dedicated to railway wheels machining is fulfilled by VTF 150 series, available in several settings, varying from the roughing turning, finishing to drilling, as well as applications tailored on customer’s needs.

Wheel production line
SRE offers customers turnkey solutions for the whole machining process, ranging from cutting raw material to balancing of the wheels, from non-destructive tests to automatic handling equipment. SRE also conceives  technologies both suitable to manufacturing processes and distinctive operations.