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Other Washing Equipment

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Vacuum Dryer Machines
• It is used to dry electrical motors under vacuum uniformly and quickly
• Two are the phases:
1. The air, blown by a fan and heated by electric heaters, heats the electrical motor to be dried
2. Vacuum is produced to favor the evaporation of the water on the engine

Oil Skimmer
• to separate the oil and the grease dissolved in emulsion in the washing solution on the basis of their different specific weights
• It is made in stainless steel and it consists of a floater installed in the washing tank which maintains the suction at the same level as the washing solution
• A pneumatic pump suctions the oil superficial layer and directs it into the oil skimmer where it is processed
• The degreased water is recovered into the tank while the oil is collected into a barrel provided by the maintenance workers
• To obtain the best process the liquid to be processed needs to be at a low temperature

• To guarantee reduced water consumption and minimize the environmental impact
• It is possible to filter the washing solution in the tanks by the installation of a filtering system

Track and Tunnel Cleaning Wagons
• The TCW can be designed either as a Shunter-towed or a Self-Propelled vehicle
• It is used for automatic cleaning of the tracks or tunnel during off revenue hours using ultra-high pressure water jets system
• The TCW can also be adapted to provide vacuum cleaning and other maintenance services along the track or tunnel