Automatic Train Wheelset Testing AURA

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Automatic Train Wheelset Testing AURA

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Wheelset and Axle Ultrasonic Testing System

Safety and reliability are the decisive criteria for the high-speed railway traffic of the future. The in use internationally proven systems make it possible to check wheel sets semi-automatically or fully automatically for cracks in the structure or on other stress injuries.
The purpose of the testing facility is the mechanized and automated non destructive testing of wheel rims on disassembled wheel sets different types on longitudinal, transverse and volume errors.
The test concept is in a way laid out that a testing of the volume and the surface of the wheel rim is ensured in the demanded ranges with ultrasonic and eddy current. Before the test starts, the wheel set design and the wheel set number are to be entered. By the design the computer recognizes, which program is to be selected. Afterwards an evaluation of test data is made with consideration of wheel set geometry. The wheel set number is needed for the component related documentation of the inspection result. After input of the necessary data by hand the test procedure starts. The test concept is based on the requirements of the Deutsche Bahn AG according to TZF-92.

Inspection Concept
The fundamental mechanical structure of the test stand essentially consists of three components. Those are the rolling stand and the test portal to carry the test mechanics and the test mechanics itself for the wheel disk test. All units are linked over the control system with one another, whereby the portal is also mechanically coupled with the test mechanic.

The measurement results are displayed graphically on a display or in tabular form. Tolerance Deviations are highlighted and color-coded. The data is stored and can be exported via different interfaces.