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about Bolzano


The city of Bolzano is located at about 250 m asl and has got some 105,000 inhabitants, of which 26% are German-speaking, 73% Italian-speaking and about 1% is Ladin-speaking. Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, which officially bears the name “Autonomous Province of Bolzano“. The city is also seat of most of the departments of the autonomy administration.

The five quarters of Bolzano reflect the diversity of the small, multifaceted “city of the world“, which is of manageable dimensions, characterised by its Mediterranean ambience. As “city of a thousand dialects“, Bolzano provides an interesting insight into the way of expression of the inhabitants of the province. Bolzano, also called Bozen by the German-speaking population, is called Bulsan in Ladin language.

In the period of fascism, after WWI, many Italians from the south became established in Bolzano, while German-speaking people emigrated to the neighbouring states of Austria or Germany. Due to this Italianisation, Bolzano is today mainly inhabited by Italian-speaking citizens. The rich and animated past of the city is also reflected in architecture: the Mediaeval centre, the Jugendstil of the ending imperial-royal monarchy and neo-classicism of the Mussolini’s dictatorial regime alternate with modern façades.

Not only once you should walk the historic district of the city of Bolzano. Romantic alleys, markets and lively “Italian“ ado are going to make your walk a great experience. By the way, Bolzano is a bike-friendly city, offering an exemplary cycling network.